Career Counseling: Your Career Strategist

Baffled by your current career situation? Are you unclear about your next step?

Career Counseling gives you the insight, confidence, and strategy to get a new job, or fall in love with the one you have.

Many years ago, I was in a job where I felt isolated and that I just didn’t fit in. I rarely received feedback, and when I did, it was criticism.  I hated coming to work. Most days I felt unappreciated, and I had no way to really demonstrate my strengths and passions, and do things where I excelled.  I was disenchanted and trapped. What did I do?

I got out. For me the only direction was out. I found my next job and it was so much better. I felt that I could be me and that I was contributing to something bigger.

If this sounds like you, call me or send me an email. I want to hear from you. I’m going to ask you tons of questions, so be prepared! I desire for you to love your work–whatever that is.

Packages may vary depending on client needs. Some clients request additional leader skill-building in order to prepare them for career advancement. Typical career counseling packages are below:

90-Minute Laser Session may include:

  • Core values & obstacles
  • Assessing your strengths and preferences
  • Defining your career strategy & transferable skills
  • Interview preparation and role play

3 hours of one-on-one coaching may include:

  • Assessing your strengths and preferences
  • Defining your career strategy & transferable skills
  • Creating achievable long & short term work goals
  • Networking skill-building
  • Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Consult (revisions only)
  • Interview preparation and role play

Career Exploration (90 days)

  • Explore career alternatives, and evaluating options
  • Core Values & obstacles
  • Creating a targeted Action Plan
  • Job search strategy
  • Develop a new personal brand
  • Strengths Assessment
  • Networking skill-building
  • Exploratory reflection
  • Email support

Executive Career Strategy (90 Days to 6 months)

  • Core Values & obstacles
  • Creating a targeted Action Plan
  • Executive Presence Inventory
  • Strengths Assessment
  • Presentation skills
  • Networking
  • Effectively managing up
  • Leadership style clarity
  • Asking for what you want/Negotiation
  • Building Trust

Schedule Appointment
My process is not for everyone; it involves significant self-exploration and reflection.  If we are not a good fit, I have several colleagues who are well-qualified to refer to you.

Contact me via email for information on Career Counseling, schedule a free consult to learn more, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

“Cindy has the uncanny ability to walk you through a discovery process to led you to your true self.  When I was referred to Cindy, I felt lost and had no idea what my next career step should be.  I had been through a several job and career changes over the last 6 years, none of them bringing me fulfillment.  I knew deep in my heart I had the capability to do whatever I set my mind to, but I was too confused and stressed to figure out what that was.  Cindy took my through a series of reflection exercises that immediately gave me hope.  She continued walking me through discovery sessions which uncovered my true passions and well as what I was really good at.  After 3 months of sessions, I had a path and knew what I wanted to do with my career.  This has brought an unbelievable turn in my life and excitement to each day. ”   –Susan Thesing

“I had the pleasure of working with Cindy recently as an executive career coach. I have found her to be extremely positive and supportive with time together well spent. Cindy was fantastic at drilling down into strengths and facilitating self-reflection.  As an executive coach, Cindy earns my highest recommendation.” –Derek VanDomelen

“I had the pleasure of being a client of Cindy’s. She coached me through the process of setting goals and focusing my networking efforts. I would recommend Cindy to anyone that is considering a coach in their current career or future career.” 

“Cindy has a wonderful approach with people. She is kind, open, compassionate and above all, she’s a great communicator. Fabulous attributes for a coach, if you ask me.”

“Cindy is great at helping you figure out what you are good at and at helping you focus on the objective.”

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