31-Day Blog Challenge Day 25

Credit: The Dreamstress

Minimum 5 Favorite Blogs

I will be honest. I do not read many blogs regularly and do not subscribe to many. Earlier in this series I mentioned three of my favorite blogs.

  1. My friend and colleague, Aimee Levens has a fun and informative blog, the EcoFeminst. She discusses all kinds of things from cooking and gardening to women’s issues.
  2. Danielle Herzog wrote Martini and Minivans until October of this year. I just love her sense of humor and lack of guile. You can still read the archives, and you should. She is funny!
  3. The Dreamstress. If you like fashion, this is a must. Written by Leimomi Oakes, a freelance fashion and textile historian, former museum professional, potential PhD student, sewing teacher, writer, and part-time university lecturer. She uncovers stunning historical clothing and sews replicas.
  4. David Marquet is a former U.S. Navy submarine commander. He has a quick and informative video blog on leadership, Intent-Based Leadership. I often recommend it to my clients.
  5. LIW, a leadership training organization in Australia has a great brief blog, Bleets. They discuss new research on leadership and quick tips.

This accounts for some of my weekly reading. I enjoy catching-up with them weekly. I always felt that if I learn something from them or laugh, then it’s time well spent.


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