Business Life Coaching for Small Business Owners

One of the toughest jobs is being the owner of a small business. The pressures of growth and sustainability carry with it the responsibilities that most people will simply not tackle. Top level Decision Making, Industry Specific Regulatory Compliance, Human Resource Management, Customer Care and Fiscal Survival are just a few of the many challenges that face the Small Business Owner…every day.

In my conversations with Small Business Owners, a few common issues consistently come to the surface:

  • Business and Personal confidence will experience a deep ebb and flow based primarily on circumstances
  • Self-defeat and Self-Sabotage creeps in and pollutes the opportunity for deserved success
  • An imbalance of work and rest prevents solid relationships from forming and growing
  • A lack of self-worth when others receive recognition as the “go-to” person when you are the true expert

These, and other worries, often times thwart creative intuition and prevent real business success and personal growth…they are Giants in the landscape of our lives. They can, however, serve as the “caution flags” that can help us recognize our need for assistance in gaining a fresh perspective and a clearly defined map to follow.

These Giants can be tamed, but often times it takes outside perspective from a trusted source. For that very reason, Gold Dog Consulting was created…to help slay the giants.

Business Life Coaching For Your Whole Person

A quantum distinction exists between a person who can give directions and hold expectations against a certain code of instructions or expectations, and someone who inspires others to accomplish great things. And great things include tasks that some would deem mundane, but are made great by virtue of the quality and integrity of how and why that task was performed.

Becoming increasingly aware of how you see yourself and how others view you, improving your leadership capabilities and capacities, and identifying your core strengths are all part of becoming an excellent leader. Often times, however, we don’t seek outside professionals to clearly identify the areas that we need help with–so we do the same things and get the same results and that’s called “chasing your tail”.

My expertise in Business Life Coaching is derived from the 20+ years of experience in the field of Human Resources and Organizational Development. My passion is to help those who want help, to grow personally and professionally, and to become a trusted and respected leader in your public and private life.

Life Coaching and Your Prosperity

There is an old Proverb that says “As a Person Thinks in Their Heart, so They Are”. No truer word is spoken. How we talk to ourselves and think about ourselves has substantial effect on “who” we become. The fact is, many of us have doubts, worry and fear that are derivatives of someone telling us we aren’t good enough or that we will never amount to anything and, at one point, we began to believe it

I want to help reverse those beliefs in my clients– to bring out the true leader that you are capable of becoming. It is not a new beginning, but the beginning of a new path that will have foundational results for creating your unique culture; attracting clients and solid loyalty in your employees.

Let’s have a conversation and see if there is common ground to work together. Contact Cindy today

Cindy Hooker – Experience You Can Trust

With more than 20 years in the field of Human Resources and Training Leadership, I have been blessed with the opportunity to coach and mentor hundreds of Leaders, Managers and Employees. The platforms of opportunity have included the Private sector, Non-profit organizations and Public entities. I hold three certifications; Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Positive Psychology Coach (PPC). Above all, my passion is to help you become the Leader you were born to be.

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