Leadership Development for Thoughtful Leaders

Leadership Development that Changes Behavior and Increases Self-Awareness

Increase business impact, and reduce turnover. Close the gap on organizational blind spots when you invest in Leadership Development for your staff or yourself.  Reflective leaders are agile and self-aware.

Our training is high-quality, targeted and behavior-changing. Gold Dog Consulting has top-notch, skilled trainers and coaches that will come to your organization and deliver workshops. We have training classes ready-to-go, or we can customize training specifically for your team.

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Thoughtful Leader Workshop 16-30 Hour Experiential Workshop

Effective leadership development is critical to the success of any organization. This 16 hour training is appropriate for seasoned leaders or new leaders.

Leadership Success will develop and enhance critical competencies in:

  • Listening, Empathy and Building Trust
  • Coaching for Leaders
  • Ethical Leading and Decision-Making Strategies 
  • Conflict Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Perspectives Personal Awareness Survey– Learn about your personal style and the style of others. This survey measures personal style preferences—both “core” preferences, under normal conditions, and “coping” preferences for dealing with conflict and stress.


A leader’s relationleadership development, professional developmentship with their team is often that of a coach, mediator and motivator. This series offers the latest insights, tools and techniques for individuals looking to successfully lead in today’s fast-changing world.

Some classes may be delivered as stand alone. Please contact us for information.

What students are saying about this training:


“I learned a lot and gained some useful techniques that I will use in my career.”

“Thanks, Cindy for making everyone feel heard, and using engaging materials.”

“Real world advice”

“It gave me better insights into myself and others.”

“Cindy always encouraged us to apply to our own situation.”

“Loved the class. Wish it was longer.”

“The training was great!”

“This was a great training that helps you look at situations in different ways.”

“Great information, workbook and group work.”

“My job has greatly improved having more tools to deal with others.”

“The training made me a better person.”

“I received the ability to look at situations from different perspectives.”

“I feel more equipped to decipher a situation and come to a productive solution.”

“I learned how to ask the right questions to show support and be a better coach/leader.”

“I highly recommend this class!”

“I feel that two things helped me a lot: looking at my leadership style and what makes me tick, and assessing others as well. I am going to use this information in how I communicate with different people.”

“I will improve at work through being more empathetic with peers and co-workers.”

“Great class.  I would recommend it to anyone in a leadership role.”



Workshops For All Staff Development

Perspectives Personal Styles Awareness Team-Building (Minimum 4 Hours)

Workshop provides awareness of your personal style and the style of others. Focus is on self-awareness, style-flexing, group dynamics, empathy
Note: Each assessment includes a workbook, poster, and assessment and costs $35 per person

Tools to Overcome Procrastination

Three ways to overcome procrastination that work! Discussion of how to handle tasks as they arise and an energetic tool that insures more gets done; and who doesn’t want that?

Strategies to Deal With Difficult People 

3 Simple ways to work with people you find difficult. Use these to get to solutions and agreements all parties will fulfill, and feel better about.


Presentation Skills–Beginner

Learn how to communicate your message, and to be persuasive. Become comfortable with your own style, and use it to your advantage.  Develop key presentation skills and learn how to present your ideas with conviction, control, and poise, and  learn how to deal with your fear!

Communication Skills

Learn the art of effective communication, both verbal and written. Learn how to build rapport and trust. Develop tools for difficult situations and learn about your personal communication style. Also learn about your hot buttons and how they influence your communication.

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