Learn How to Motivate Employees

Motivate employees by learning to remove barriers to great teams.

Common obstacles that create barriers on employee motivation include:

  • Communication Breakdowns
    • Peer to Peer
    • Employee to Management or Owner
  • Giving Direct Feedback
    • Performance compared to expectation
    • Relaying changes in real time
  • Complaining and Blaming
    • Defining Root Causes
    • Working Condition Issues
  • Resisting Change
  • Lack of Business Purpose

If how to motivate employees has been a chore, keep reading. Ongoing development of your employees will communicate to them that you care and want the best for them, and is one of the single most important things you can do to motivate them.  It will also provide them with methods and systems to help diminish adverse behaviors; resulting in a clearer focus on the mission of your business. Developing your employees and presenting them with challenging opportunities will enhance job satisfaction and build retention.

We assess the current condition of your team and develop a strategy and action plan that will help eliminate common unproductive patterns. Based on the initial assessment of your team, we will recommend one, or a combination of the following:

  • Training/Faciliation
  • Group Coaching
  • Team Building Opportunities

Motivate employees when you are running the business.

Employee development is foundational to creating high performance teams. High Performance Teams attract customers and keep them coming back. Common attributes of successful businesses include:

  • Clearly defined Mission, Vision, Core Values and Business Plan
  • A business owner who daily walks out the Mission, Vision, Core Values and Business Plan
  • Communication of the Goals and Actions that accomplish Business Plan
  • Provide explicit expectations and concurrent feedback on performance
  • Provide an environment that uses mistakes as learning tools
  • Know what to celebrate and celebrate it with passionmotivate employees, Gold Dog Consulting, Cindy Hooker

Sounds simple, but it’s not. In the day to day life of a business, the important is often times subordinated to the urgent; and that robs the hope of a better day. When your employees become less of a priority, the weed seeds of discontent are sown—weeds always diminish fruit.

Gold Dog Consulting can help. We have the tools, resources and coaching experience to intentionally create the high-performing team(s) you need to grow and profit your business and employees. We can teach you how to motivate employees.

Motivate Employees and everyone wins!

If you are the owner, it all starts with you. When you know what the destination is, all it takes is the creation of the roadmap to get there, but remember—when the destination is not clearly defined; any path will lead you there. Gold Dog Consulting is ready to put on our boots and work together with you–to create a plan that will help bring stability to the process of growing your business.

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