July News–New Services For Veterans


I have been making changes at Gold Dog Consulting and I am excited to tell you about them. First, let me welcome my new followers. Thank you!  It’s important to me to continue to make new and lasting relationships.

It has been a year since I left my full-time job and really gave entrepreneurship the effort it deserves. I love the ability to contribute and to provide services for people that need help. It’s an honor and a privilege to watch other businesses grow and succeed.

New Business!

As of July 1st, I launched the Veteran’s Business Connection. If you did not know, I am a U.S. Navy veteran, and I had been looking for a way to work with veterans. After some incubation time, and discussions with an inspiring mastermind group, the Veteran’s Business Connection was conceived.

There are three service levels for the VBC.  The first is a free local business directory for veteran-owned businesses. I was recently interviewed on KXL radio for this service.  The word is spreading, and while it’s still small, I anticipate huge growth in this service as I expand my network with veterans groups across the state.  One veteran-owned business each week is featured on Gold Dog’s social media sites.

The other two services are a “leads” group that meets weekly, and a mastermind that meets monthly and has additional support calls. These are both fee services. You can learn more about them here.

Additionally, I have a free 30-Day Start-up Challenge for veteran business owners. This is complementary to their work with the Small Business Administration.

I’m very excited about this new service and I hope you will help spread the word. Let’s get our veterans back to work, either as an entrepreneur or in an organization! For more information on veteran-owned businesses and their impact, see the info graphic with the article by Brian Patrick Eha at Entrepreneur Magazine.

Please send me your comments and feedback on my new service. I would love to hear from you!


My lunch group for entrepreneurs/solopreneurs continues to grow. Our third meeting is tomorrow, July 16th. We have speakers booked for the next four meetings! If you are interested in joining us for lunch, please register here.

Veteran-Owned Business of the Week

This week’s featured business is Borealis Bistro. Borealis Bistro is a mobile kitchen trailer that serves smoked meats and home-made rubs and sauces. You can find them at Canby Saturday Market from 9 am to 2pm, May through September. Owner, Neal Hout, is an award winning Food Service Sargent and also a U.S. Navy veteran and Army National Guard veteran.

On a personal note, Ken and I traveled to Central Oregon again this year. We had one week at Thompson reservoir and one week at Prineville reservoir.  At Thompson reservoir there is no cell service, so I really had to disconnect. I read four novels! It’s a good reminder to unplug occasionally to refresh.

I wish you a gorgeous summer and much success!


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