Remote Leaders

You need to facilitate thriving teams–remotely.

If you are truly serious about creating an impact in the world, with your company, and building a high-functioning team-from home-it’s obvious that you are going to have to let go of the old habits and doubts that limit your potential and START putting your time and energy on the actions that will provide the best outcomes. If you have children or aging parents, it gets more complicated! You are caring up and down the family tree, and that can be overwhelming.

Remote work = Multi Tasking

 New leaders, especially remote, often struggle:

  • Self-Doubt
  • ​Analysis Paralysis
  • Making meaningful connection
  • Micro-managing/lack of trust
  • ​​People Pleasing
  • Fear of Failure
  • Feeling isolated
  • ​Imposter Syndrome
  • ​​Self-Worth Issues 

Outcomes remote leaders strive for:

  • The capacity to contribute to continuous improvement in self and organization
  • The ability to manage stress; be more resilient
  • Developing a self-reliant team; ensuring everyone does not suffer burnout
  • Possessing the power of persuasion and excellent presentation skills
  • Being guilt free when balancing family with work while working at home

It would be great if you could create capacity to respond to work and life’s challenges by having habits that support a positive perspective rather than an overwhelm and a struggling mindset.

The Impact Would Be:

  • Peak performance
  • Peace of mind / wellness
  • Healthy relationships
  • Innovation
  • Direct confident communication

How to get there?

Sage vs Saboteur

We all get those niggly negative thoughts now and then. For some of use, they control how we respond to daily life and business challenges. We call these your Saboteurs, and they can cause stress, anxiety, self-doubt, self-worth, and imposter syndrome. They are one of the MAJOR reasons we don’t perform our best at work.  Negative emotions are only helpful for 1 second as alert signal. Staying in negative emotion hurts ability to see clearly and respond with empathy, curiosity, creativity, or laser-focused action

▸Negative Emotion = Saboteur

We also have a wise and powerful voice that we can tap into, your Sage.

Your Sage handles challenges through positive emotions like empathy, gratitude, curiosity, creativity, self-confidence, with calm, clear-headed, laser-focused action.

How to Quiet Your Saboteurs and Increase Your Sage

Engage the Sage

Boosting your sage to respond to challenges requires building powerful new muscles in your brain, not just insight. You CAN increase your Sage perspective significantly with practice within 8 weeks.

You can shift from Saboteur response to Sage response, even in the toughest of challenges. However, the speed and depth of the shift depends on mental muscle strength.  Like any muscle, that can be developed!

Success requires intense initial practice with the Positive Intelligence program.  

Here’s Gold Dog Consulting’s Program for Remote Leaders:

Interested? Here’s the next steps:

Step 1

Click Here to take the Free assessment. You will learn which Saboteur is likely sabotaging your leadership SUCCESS! Remember to return here to enroll in your 8-week program!

Step 2

Click Here to enroll in the 8-week program with Gold Dog Consulting. New pods (Each pod consists of 3-5 individuals who are doing the same work as you) begin on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month. You will receive a welcome email from me that details your pod logistics and to schedule an introductory call with me.

Step 3

Once you receive an email, follow the steps to download the app and start the program.

Step 4

Remember to calendar your pod meeting dates on your calendar.

That’s it! Well, it does take some commitment and it sounds like you have that.  We know that if you are looking for a quick fix, that doesn’t work. We need to do “our” work, so we can help others perform at their best.

I am excited to bring you this new way of achieving your potential.  You can build that mental muscle to increase your peak performance and balance starting in just 8-weeks’ time. So that you can also experience supported coaching while working on your sage muscle, I offer 4 leadership coaching sessions as well. This $1800 program is yours for $1450.  

Click here to enroll!

If you are not completely satisfied with the program during the first 30 days, I will refund your $1450. No questions asked!

Still have questions?  Contact me.

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