My Top 5 Resources for Remote Work

My Top 5 Resources for Remote Work

Remote Pathways

1. Two of my absolute favorite people in this space, Jennifer Britton and Michelle Mullins, have mountains of experience in the remote work niche.  Remote Pathways has a blog, a podcast, and tons of free resources for the remote leader or worker. I like their resources because you can use them with large organizations or a solopreneur.  Each week, the blog has a free tool or resources. Go on over there, and listen to their podcast.

2. North Star Facilitators

I don’t personally know Barbara MacKay, but I wish I did. She’s the founder of North Star Facilitators. Going remote means that many of you are now facilitators of meetings. Barbara has a generous blog, tools, and on-line classes that will help you engage your team and have effective meetings. So, brush up on those meeting skills, you are going to need them.

My home office where I work remotely.

3. SessionLab

SessionLab has a huge variety of facilitation tools. They recently created a niche for remote work; although many of their tools can be used remotely. They have agenda template, team exercises, and you can search by topic.  This is another huge and generous resource for the remote leader’s toolkit.

Scrum Master Toolbox

4. You may be saying, “Wait, I’m not a Scrum Master. I don’t even know what a Scrum Master is.” Well, Scrum Masters have been leading teams, engaging employees and tracking productivity virtually for years. We can all learn from their experiences.  You will find super useful resources, tips, a podcast and YouTube videos to help you with your remote teams.

Collaboration Superpowers

5. This powerful website hosts a podcast, workshops and resources for people to remote work. The founders have a book, Work Together Anywhere: A Handbook on Working Remotely Successfully for Individuals, Teams and Managers, by Lisette Sutherland and K. Janene-Nelson. With 251 podcasts, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Tell me what your favorite resource is for remote work.

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