“I worked with Cindy weekly for six weeks and she helped give me some tools to better organize my time and to bring better work/home-life balance into my life. And equally as important for me, she gave me “permission” to use those tools…”

Follow this link for praise on Cindy’s Leadership Development workshops. 

“I can whole heartily recommend Cindy for any career help you may need. I can’t say enough about how important Cindy’s insight and professional approach has been to opening my eyes to my future and potential. As my Career Coach she had me thinking outside the box, for strategies in net working, job searches, interviewing, even career direction that I hadn’t thought of. Her help with my resume was invaluable. She took my 34 year career and condensed it to be easy to read, and follow my career path, while still highlighting my strengths and accomplishments. Cindy is very personable and truly cares about her clients success. I really appreciated Cindy’s approach, and how she challenged me to think, about myself and career direction and help me understand and focus on what I wanted in my career. The best endorsement I can give is that I’m really looking foreword to working with Cindy again down the road.” –Best regards Steven Thompson

“I met Cindy with Gold Dog Consulting through ProFinder on LinkedIn. I was struggling to define my future and create the focus needed to find a career that I truly wanted. Cindy’s approach was to lead me down the path of self discovery, meaning that she had me complete written exercises to reflect on and remember what is actually important to me. I was looking for something that was reflective of my experience and education, and we worked together to come up with a plan that included both.

But its not all fluffy stuff! Cindy helped me revamp my resume, LinkedIn profile, networking approaches and interview skills. And if focus, meaning and the additional tangible goods haven’t convinced you yet, I’m getting ready to start a new job that is a direct result of working with Cindy. I recommend Gold Dog Consulting for all your career coaching needs!” –Deirdre Weeks

“I hired Cindy to help me identify and address potential hurdles to re-entering the workforce following three years away from work to care for aging parents. Being over fifty and having worked at the same company for nearly two decades prior to this employment gap, I wasn’t getting any traction in the market despite months of active job search.
Cindy’s assistance has been simply invaluable. Her intuitive input and strong knowledge base were instrumental in helping me more clearly communicate my best self to potential employers – both through the application/resume and interview process. Following two interviews for an ideal job, I’m currently waiting to hear if I got the job. Thank you, Cindy – you’ve been such a joy to work with!”
–Dana Hoffman

“Working with Cindy is a gift. She gets right to the heart of what your specific needs and goals are and creates a solid plan to get you there. Cindy is reliable and responds quickly and thoughtfully even when it is unscheduled. Her network is large and she is not afraid to connect you with people that can help you on your journey. I appreciate the humor and encouragement that she brought to our interactions and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with such an impressive woman.  –Julie Campbell

“Cindy provides a safe and warm environment for self disclosure. The agenda was mine and she was very flexible in making sure I received what I needed out of every session. Cindy is warm and open. She builds trust quickly. Her curiosity creates questions that make you dig deep.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Cindy recently as an executive career coach. I have found her to be extremely positive and supportive with time together well spent. Cindy was fantastic at drilling down into strengths and facilitating self-reflection.  As an executive coach, Cindy earns my highest recommendation.” –Derek VanDomelen

“I had the pleasure of being a client of Cindy’s. She coached me through the process of setting goals and focusing my networking efforts. I would recommend Cindy to anyone that is considering a coach in their current career or future career.”

“Cindy has a wonderful approach with people. She is kind, open, compassionate and above all, she’s a great communicator. Fabulous attributes for a coach, if you ask me.”

“Cindy is great at helping you figure out what you are good at and at helping you focus on the objective.”

“Cindy championed me. She was there to celebrate my successes and help me think through problem areas. Occasionally, when I was stumped  she would ask if she could make a suggestion. The suggestion was always helpful.”

“I found out that there were areas that I needed to work on, like not fixing my clients problems. Once I let go of that I was more effective as a coach. She helped me put together future goals, to create a better marketing plan, and a more successful business.”
Pat, Conlan Coaching

“When I first met Cindy she gave freely of her knowledge and pointed me in the direction to take.  Because of her I am exactly where I should be, doing exactly what I am called to do. Cindy has been my coach through my coach certification training process and has helped me stay on my own path toward fulfillment. I am grateful that she has been with me in this journey. Cindy is warm, engaging and generous at every turn, a true COACH at all times.”

Follow this link for testimonials on Cindy’s public speaking engagements. 

“Cindy is a great coach.  She listens, provides support and challenges me. In particular, I like that she asks me what I need at the start of each session, and when we are through, I am more focused and able to move forward. I also appreciate that however I ‘show up’ for the session (mentally and emotionally) she is present, consistent and kind.  I am grateful for Cindy’s skills and highly recommend her.”

“With Cindy’s coaching abilities, I feel she’s helped strengthen me as a professional and to gain a better understanding of what I am seeking.  She has also helped me refine my goals, identify my weakness and is helping me learn how to use them to my advantage.”

“Cindy made me feel very comfortable from the beginning and did a great job focusing in on specific topics with me. I have appreciated her working with me helping me to realize some of my potential!”

“Cindy was excellent at helping me focus on what was important and set just manageable goals for what I wanted to achieve. She then held me accountable in a gentle way. Choose Cindy if you want someone who will partner with you and be creative in coming up with workable ideas and solutions. She is also a very fun person to work with.”

“I am impressed with the professionalism, knowledge and experience Cindy brought to our coaching session. She stayed focused on the goals we discussed, used various tools and techniques to facilitate our discussion, and shared her personal experiences and insight. I highly  recommend Cindy as a Business Life Coach. She is motivated and has a sincere desire to help others which in my mind are essential qualities for a coach.”

“While going through coaching certification, Cindy Hooker was “just the right coach” for me to have to help me focus on myCindy Biggs journey in not only becoming a coach after a 33 year career, but in setting up my own business as an executive coach and trainer. She challenged me to think big, plan, and celebrate my successes.  Two years later, I am doing the work that I love, have a successful business, and enjoying life fully.  I would recommend Cindy to anyone who wants to move forward in a big way in their life and explore possibilities and options that they have only dreamed could come true!”
–Cindy Biggs, CPCC, ACC, Executive Coach and Leadership Development Expert   www.SEEBIGG.com

“Cindy is great at helping you figure out what you are good at and at helping you focus on the objective.”

“Thanks to Cindy’s expert facilitation skills, Portland Public Schools Nutrition Services is taking our school lunches from “good” to “GREAT!” Cindy helped our new team work together to create an exciting five year plan to educate palates, inspire culinary curiosity and nourish the health of the community through school meals. Thank you Cindy!!”
–Gitta Grether-Sweeney

“As a non-profit agency, without the resources for a human resource (HR) department, we have found Cindy Hooker a valuable aid for our HR needs. In the past few months, she has provided an HR audit, manager coach training, and technical assistance on specific staff issues. Ms. Hooker has provided prompt, thorough, and confidential assistance. I would highly recommend her services”
–Rose Fuller, Executive Director, Northwest Family Services

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