Leadership Mastery Sessions

Executive group coaching for people leaders to increase confidence, build resilience and enhance work performance. Customize for your leadership team.

Themes Addressed

  • Confidence – Rethinking your self-perception. Reducing fear of exposure, self-doubt and vulnerability.
  • Courage and Fear – How to steel oneself for the work. How to deflate fear and increase your capability.
  • Empathy and Compassion – Too much can be as destructive as too little. Demonstrating both contributes to positive relationships, increasing influence and personal and team well-being.
  • Boundaries – Your limits and how you protect them. Appreciating your own boundaries and others’ is equally important in the workplace to foster mutual respect and safety.
  • Coaching and Delegation – Complementary strategies that enhance direct report’s development and creates clear expectations.

Each Leadership Mastery cohort co-creates a safe space to share varied perspectives and learn from each other. Activities and resources will enhance the growth experience.

You deserve this time to work on yourself.

Who is a good a good fit for Leadership Mastery?

This group may be for you if:

  • You have been a leader for several years and achieved success.
  • Never have time to think ahead and work on strategy.
  • Have a persistant fear of being seen as a fraud

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7-week Leadership Mastery Sessions Design

Connection and Camaraderie for leaders.

This group is for leaders who would like to share and learn with peers, and to encourage courageous actions and self-awareness.

  • Weekly sessions that are 60 minutes in duration. All sessions are live and aligned with confidentiality with International Coach Federation Standards. Sessions are facilitated or guided by Cindy Hooker who is an accredited coach. We do not record sessions.
  • Each session offers learning concepts, exercises, powerful questions and group discussion. Activities to help you grow and increase self-awareness, confidence and courage.
  • Participants receive two (2) one-on-one coaching (50-minutes) sessions during the program. Your coach will help you develop the necessary skills to make effective behavior changed based on your desired outcomes.
  • Make valuable connections with other leaders. Give and get support.

Your Roadmap for Leadership Mastery looks like this!

Benefits of Leader Master Sessions

  • Confidence. Unlock your full potential and create your boundaries for success.
  • Better decision-making. Challenge your thinking, question your assumptions, and guide you toward strategic choices that can turn the game in your favor.
  • Build resilience, that bounce-back ability, so you can weather any storm and come out stronger on the other side.
  • Fine-tune your leadership style, ensuring your message, direction and vision hit the right notes with your team and stakeholders. It’s about connecting, inspiring, and rallying the troops.
  • Accountability. The cohort and the coach keep you on track, hold your feet to the fire, and ensure you stay true to your growth.
  • Work-life balance. It’s not aspirational, it’s achievable. This cohort helps you navigate the tricky waters of balancing ambition with a healthy personal life.
  • Quiet the Imposter. Use of the Positive Intelligence App. and program to eliminate self-sabotage and develop self-mastery (a $999 value).
  • 1:1 Coaching. Two executive coaching sessions that are personal and confidential ($590 value).



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Here’s what past participants are saying:

“This was the best coaching experience I’ve ever had. Thank you, Cindy for making it an inviting space.”

“Cindy asked really good questions and gave us space to have lively discussions.”

“The learning and advice from peers was the best. In my 7 years here, this is one of the highlights.”

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