Leader and Employee Learning

Leadership Development Training for Thoughtful Leaders

We know that investing in a leader’s development closes the gap on organizational blind spots, increases impact and reduces turnover.

Our training is high-quality, targeted and behavior-changing. Gold Dog Consulting has top-notch, skilled trainers and coaches that can deliver virtually or in-person. We have training classes ready-to-go, or we can customize training specifically for your team.

Thoughtful Leadership Workshop

16-30 Hour Experiential Workshop

Cindy Hooker Presenting

This 16 hour training is appropriate for seasoned leaders or new leaders.

Leadership Success will develop and enhance critical competencies in:

  • Listening, Empathy and Building Trust
  • Coaching for Leaders
    Ethical Leading and Decision-Making Strategies
  • Conflict Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Perspectives Personal Awareness Survey– Learn about your personal style and the style of others. This survey measures personal style preferences—both “core” preferences, under normal conditions, and “coping” preferences for dealing with conflict and stress.

A leader’s relationship with team members is often that of a coach, mediator and motivator. This series offers the latest insights, tools and techniques for individuals looking to successfully lead in today’s fast-changing world. 

Some classes may be delivered as stand alone.

Please contact us to learn more.

What Participants Say

Workshops For All Staff Development

Development Perspectives Personal Styles Awareness Team-Building (Minimum 4 Hours)

Workshop provides awareness of your personal style and the style of others.

Focus is on self-awareness, style-flexing, group dynamics, empathy  assessment.

Note: Each assessment includes a workbook, poster, and assessment.

Remote Leader Skills

Remote teams are becoming the norm, and having effective tools and skills to manage teams is necessary.

If you are new to managing a remote team, or if you have been struggling with your remote team’s productivity, accountability and trust, learning new skills to help is possible.

Executive Presence in the Virtual Environment

In this three-hour interactive workshop you will learn:

  • About the 10 Executive Presence traits and how they impact your career: Acumen, Appearance, Being Present, Charisma, Clarity, Humility, Poise, Relationships, Results and Transparency.
  • How to increase your effectiveness virtually for your team and for your career

Communication Skills

Learn the art of effective communication, both verbal and written. Learn how to build rapport and trust.

Develop tools for difficult situations and learn about your personal communication style.

Also learn about your hot buttons and how they influence your communication

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