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cindy chamber 2What  I yearn for is the opportunity to help organizations and business owners create amazing cultures where each individual remains unique, but still can thrive as a team. Often times, the method of starting that process requires a time when everybody hears a single message…from a single voice… with a single purpose.

It is my sincerest desire to impart my experience and knowledge to those who are hungry for change and a refreshing perspective. If you are looking for someone who is passionate about positive change and can articulate that message clearly in front of a group, large or small, Please contact Gold Dog Consulting for your next meeting or event.

Recent Appearances & Publications

  • Mt. Hood Community College Professional Development Day Key Note – Making Personal Continuous Improvement Achievable, 2017
  • logosNorth Clackamas Chamber of Commerce – Women in Leadership, Finding a Coach, 2015
  • Your Next Quantum Leap – 5 pillars of Leading Your Team, 2015
  • Women in Business Radio –  Women & Leadership, 2015
  • Oregon Home Builder’s Association – Hiring for Fit, 2015
  • Greater Oregon Society of Government Meeting Professionals – 5 Pillars of Leadership, 2015
  • HBA News, Metropolitan Portland Edition – 5 Hot Tips for Hiring Your Team, 2015
  • Oregon Health & Sciences University – Panel Moderator for Woman in Academic Medicine Conference, 2015
  • National Association of Professional Organizers, Oregon Chapter – Time Management for the New Year, 2015
  • The Crave Company – My Personal Transformation, 2014
  • Oregon Health Care Association – Leadership, 2014
  • North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce – Women in Leadership,  2014

What People are Saying About Cindy’s Inspiring Public Speaking:

“Cindy Hooker with Gold Dog Consulting facilitated a North Clackamas County Chamber  of Commerce (NCCCC) Strategycindy chamber 3 Session on April 8, 2014.  I found her facilitation to be quite helpful with an initial establishment of ground rules, and providing a parking lot to document ideas for further pursuit.  Overall the session was very productive, in large part due to Cindy’s ability to keep the session on-track based on defined objectives of the meeting, and on-time based on the agenda.  Cindy’s facilitative approach effectively  promoted dialog and idea generation throughout the session.  I would highly recommend Cindy for meeting facilitation projects.”

–Robert A. Fowke, Ph.D.,  efficiencyconsultingpdx.com

“I attended Cindy’s presentation on Leadership. She was fun and engaging. I especially appreciated the opportunity to learn and practice a new skill.”
–Deena Jensen, Alpine Mortgage Planning

“I recently attended a Women in Leadership luncheon hosted by the North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce.  This was the first Women in Leadership meeting that I’ve been able to attend and I was pleasantly surprised by the interactive nature of this event.

Cindy was very engaging and her approach to leadership was energizing.   I very much appreciated her insight and knowledge and I am currently applying the ideas that she shared in our luncheon to my role as a Retail District Manager with Columbia Bank.”

–Lydia Hamann, Columbia Bank

“Cindy spoke at a member event for our association and did a fabulous job. Cindy was professional, prepared, and even funny! I’d employ Cindy’s speaking abilities again in a heartbeat.”

–Caitlin Horsley, Home Builders Association

“Cindy Hooker from Gold Dog Consulting was an outstanding panel moderator at our Women’s Leadership Development Conference at OHSU. She was well versed in the discussion topic and had prepared for all the presubmitted questions for the panel. She scheduled phone conversations with each of the panelists prior to the conference so she could get to know them personally and brief them on the format of the panel discussion. With that background information, she was able to specifically initially direct each question to the panelist with the most expertise in that subject. Cindy also managed the panel so every participant had the opportunity share their experience in an equitable manner. I would highly recommend Cindy as accomplished panel moderator.”

John Ng, M.D, Oregon Health & Sciences University

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