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What I am thinking about

Last week I went to see Elizabeth Gilbert speak. Gilbert is the author of multiple books, including Eat, Pray, Love, which was made into a movie starring Julia Roberts. Honestly, I am not always enthusiastic about going to see speakers because I worry that I will get antsy sitting still for an extended period. Her speech was just long enough to keep me interested, and it was insightful.

One thesis that she had was centered on women being everything. They are strong, smart, independent, weak, anxiety prone, fierce, etc. But, do you ever hear someone say that a woman is relaxed? Yes, relaxed!  What would a relaxed woman look like? It was a poignant and funny moment because no one in that audience would have said they were relaxed (yes, it was 98% women).

It certainly made me pause. As someone who is constantly tinkering on my business, and finding ways to provide relevant services, creating content, attending to my social media, taking care of my business finances, writing contracts, and updating my website am I relaxed? Not at all.

My reflection includes what if I was not showing up relaxed with my leader clients? What if my relaxed coach Cindy was only in my mind, and I was actually showing up as anxious, overworked? How does that effect my credibility when I’m coaching leaders? I do not have a complete answer right now. Here is what I am contemplating as I look forward to 2020: be more in the moment, worry less about outcomes and breathe.

What are your strategies to have a relaxed presence?

What about 500 leaders?

Last month I told you I wanted to reach 500 leaders in 2020. That is a crazy number, because I typically reach about 100 in any given year. This goal is important to me because workplaces are getting hectic, crazy and task focused. I am committed to helping leaders create workplaces that support personal development, teamwork and allow employees to be themselves.

My plan to reach this goal is to create content to deliver on-line leadership development for remote teams. Just about every large company these days has geographically distributed teams. Those leaders are often not provided with support to grow their teams. Because of time constraints, the leader focuses on tasks and not the people. My goal is to help them create team environments where all people are heard and appreciated for who they are, and what they do.

What am I listening to

This week, I am listening to the Jordan Harbinger Show podcast. In his interview with General Stanley McChrystal, they discuss leadership styles and myths. I highly recommend this podcast!  Here is a quote from McCrystal, “Every leadership style needs to be based on this very empathetic connection to your followers so that you understand what it is inspires or drives them.” Yes!

What I am baking

I had the opportunity to bake a new cake last week. It was for the 10-year anniversary party at my yoga community,  Sellwood Yoga.  Congratulations on 10 years!  The cake is an Oatmeal Cookie Cake, and yes, that is oatmeal cookie dough (sans raw eggs) in the middle. Delicious!

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